During the course of the school year, the choral department and the Highland Performing Arts Boosters sponsor a number of fund raisers. Each fund raiser supports a specific fund or goal. Some of these fund raisers support the choral department directly, while some are specifically designed to meet the goals of the Boosters organization. At least one of these fundraising activities will be used to off-set the Fair Share fee assessed to all students. Depending on the fund or goal, each student and parent determines their level of participation in that fund raiser. Students taking Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced Choir are NOT required to fund raise; however, students involved in extra-curricular (those solely outside the school day) events or choirs may be REQUIRED to fund raise as part of the admission into these events or choirs.

Parent Fundraising - Earn money for your student's account!

Parents who elect to participate in Booster-sponsored activities will be able to earn money for their son/daughter’s accounts. Parents who volunteer to help with booster activities like Madrigal, Grand March and fundraising efforts will be able to earn $25 per event for up to three events per year. Example One: Booster Fund Raising Tally Night – a parent assists the booster organization by tallying fundraising forms for 2 hours after school will earn $25 in their child’s account from the fundraiser. Example Two: Madrigal Feaste – a parent assists the booster organization by helping serve food during the Madrigal Feaste for 2 hours will earn $25 in their child’s account from the proceeds of the event.

Student Accounts

The Highland Performing Arts Boosters, Inc. keeps an account for each student in the choral program. Student accounts are essentially a restricted checkbook for the students. Money accrues through participating in fund raising efforts. The balance is recorded by the Booster Organization and the money may only be spent by that student on behalf of that student. The money may only be spent on expenses incurred as a result of participation in choir. Any funds deposited into student accounts may not be spent on items for personal gain.

Student Account monies may be used to pay for the following: Fair Share, Uniform Rental, ISSMA Contest Fees, Field Trip Expenses, Banquet expenses, Disney Trip expenses, Music in the Parks or Circle the State with Song. The monies in student accounts may ONLY be used on behalf of that person and may NOT be used to pay for expenses for any other student, family member, relative, or friend.

Student accounts are kept active as long as the student remains in choir. Upon graduation, the account is closed. Should a student drop choir, the account is closed. All remaining monies revert back to the Booster Organization. Only profit earned from the individual participation in a designated fund raiser is entered into student accounts. Not all fund raisers are designated toward student accounts.